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Types of Bovine Proteins from MP Biomedicals New Zealand

MP Biomedicals chromatographically purified bovine AlbumiNZ has demonstrated superior growth rates in cell culture (CHO and SP2/0 cells) compared with traditional Cohn and Heat Shock BSA.

Graphs depict a comparison in quality, yield and productivity using MP Biomedicals Low IgG BSA versus an industry leading competitor BSA.

The scale of the bioreactor was 10,000 L and the processed cell line was a murine myeloma NS0.

This evaluation was done by a prominent worldwide biopharma company.

A prominent NIAID researcher states:

“Chromatographically purified NZ BSA from MP Biomedicals has been tested successfully with parasite infected cell lines representing all major endemic continents. Additionally, DNA transfections using various selectable agents (WR99210, blasticidin S, trimethoprim) have shown to be successful and it is also compatible with the c-SNARF limiting dilution assay.”

A customer on comparing the performance of AlbumiNZ with human albumin:

“Mouse embryos cultured in the New Zealand BSA had comparable cell numbers to the HSA control”
(customer evaluation, 2011)

An embryo transfer customer on comparing AlbumiNZ with competitor BSA:

“The use of MP Bio-New Zealand BSA during IVF and IVC resulted in more and better quality embryos than a competitor BSA”
(Schumann, Theriogenology (2002) 57:1:527)

Higher quality compared to Heat Shock BSA

  • Higher monomer to dimer ratio in the chromatographically purified AlbumiNZ BSA
  • Fewer bands on SDS-Page in the chromatographically purified AlbumiNZ BSA indicating a higher purity of the BSA

10% Gel

Lane 1: Heat Shock BSA

Lane 2: AlbumiNZ™ Low Free Fatty Acid BSA

Lane 3: AlbumiNZ™ Low IgG BSA

Lane 4: AlbumiNZ™ Low Endotoxin BSA

Lane 5: AlbumiNZ™ Microbiological Grade BSA

Lane 6: MW Standards (kDA listed)

Higher Lipid content compared to competitor BSA

  • Except for the low free fatty acid BSA, all other MP Biomedicals New Zealand BSA grades returned a lipid content of 35 mg/g of BSA when tested by an independent laboratory. This is 2.5x higher than the lipid content in competitor BSA produced from a chromatographic and heat shock process.
  • This high lipid content can benefit cell culture researchers by way of reducing the need to add components such as cholesterol concentrate or other additives and could lead to significantly higher titer values at scale