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Bovine Immunoglobulin G and Applications


Immunoglobulins, or Gamma Globulins, are plasma proteins with broad binding capacity. Produced by cells of the immune system, these proteins are designed to bind invading organisms such as bacteria and viruses, leading to their destruction. Immunoglobulin G (IgG) is the most prominent form.

MP Bio NZ Immunoglobulin G is a high purity, lyophilized powder, captured with a high specificity from pooled bovine plasma using a full chromatographic method. The technology gently extracts the IgG, maintaining the native configuration throughout the process.


Applications of IgG:

  • Blocking reagent in immunoassays – ELISA, Western blotting, immune-diffusion

  • Reference antigen or standard

  • For conjugation of molecules requiring highly purified immunoglobulin

  • Used in the manufacture of diagnostic kits


Bovine Immunoglobulin G from MP Biomedicals New Zealand   


NZ Bovine IgG (SKU: 0864140)

This product is useful for structural and biological studies, as a reference standard, or as starting material for immunogen preparation. It is prepared using chromatographic technique. Purity: > 95%, Lyophilized powder.



Product specifications

viz Test IgG (Cat.# 0864140)
Purity (SDS - PAGE), w/w Total Protein* ≥ 95%
Total Protein (anhydrous - Kjeldahl Nitrogen) , w/w ≥ 97%
pH (4% w/v Solution) 4.0 - 5.0
Moisture (Karl Fischer), w/w ≤ 10%
Sodium (ICP OES), w/w ≤ 1.5%
Chloride (Potentiometric Titration), w/w ≤ 2.4%

* Technical Grade IgG with a purity of ≥ 90% is also available

MP Bio New Zealand Proteins are Chromatographically Extracted from Bovine Plasma under Quality Systems that are ISO Certified and Audited to cGMP Principles.

All products are manufactured using New Zealand sourced raw materials. Documentation standards at MP Bio NZ are of the highest order and can support the exacting standards that are often sought by the pharmaceutical industry, which operates in a highly regulated environment.

MP Biomedicals has an ideal option for your requirements. Contact us to learn more about our full array of services.


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