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Simple & Easy Way to Plant Tissue Culture

Bringing the scientific art of growing plant cells/tissues in-vitro to your laboratory, MP Biomedicals introduces an extensive range of conveniently packaged and rigorously tested culture media components and complete media as well as plant growth regulators, antibiotics and antimycotics.

Plant cell culture media

Successful plant cell/tissue culture requires high quality and dependable culture media. MP Biomedicals offers a large range of products designed to support optimal plant cell/tissue growth ensuring reproducible and consistent results.

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Top Plant Tissue Culture Products

PlantCon™ Plant Container

PlantCon™ Starter Kits Ready-to-use for Plant Culture

PlantCon™ is a line of sterilized, disposable, plastic growth containers for plant cell culture. It has been specifically designed to provide optimal photosynthesis by having a broad spectrum range transparency, and by having a way to control gas/atmosphere exchange. It has been engineered to dramatically reduce risk of plant cell contamination and the time spent preparing an in vitro growth environment for plant cultures. These features ensure a better yield and quality of your plant culture.

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Challenges in Plant Research

A large selection of products to support your plant research.

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Sample Preparation Brochure

FastPrep system: your optimal solution in plant tissue grinding.

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Antibiotics for Cell Culture

Learn more about MP Bio’s wide selection of antibiotics for Cell Culture and quick reference guide for selecting the right antibiotic for your research.

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Plant Growth Regulators

Plant growth regulators are the critical media components in determining the developmental pathway of the plant cells. MP Bio offers a broad range of plant growth regulators specifically tested for plant cell culture, including auxins, cytokinins, gibberellins and other major growth regulators.

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Other Products to Support Plant Research

Molecular testing of plants and plant-derived samples is a proven powerful research area for improving the productivity, quality, and disease resistance of plants. MP Biomedicals covers all plant research needs and creates seamless lab workflow. Your research will benefit from our broad range of products for plant culture, sample preparation, DNA & RNA purification, end-point and real-time PCR and further molecular analysis.

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