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March 17, 2022

MP Biomedicals launches in EMEA a new addition to its family of FastPrep extraction kits: the SPINeasy RNA Kit for Tissue, the SPINeasy RNA Kit for Bacteria, and the SPINeasy DNA/RNA/Protein All-In-One Kit.


Eschwege, Germany: March 1st, 2022 - The Molecular Biology group of MP Biomedicals having more than twenty years of experience in the research and development of sample preparation and nucleic acid purification solutions is pleased to announce the release of two new kits designed for the isolation of total RNA from animal and plant tissues, cultured cells and bacteria as well as one kit for the simultaneous extraction of DNA, RNA and proteins from the same sample.


Research in genomics and transcriptomics requires the isolation of high-quality RNA from a variety of challenging starting materials. The understanding of specific molecular phenomena taking place in cells requires additionally proteomic analysis.


With that in mind, MP Biomedicals has focused on optimizing both the sample lysis and the downstream nucleic acid and protein isolation steps. The goal of the product development of new SPINeasy kits was therefore to offer a solution suited for sensitive applications, including RNA-seq, two-dimensional gel electrophoresis, and mass spectrometry.


The SPINeasy DNA/RNA/Protein All-In-One Kit and SPINeasy RNA Kits for Tissue and Bacteria utilize a convenient workflow and silica-membrane spin-columns to isolate nucleic acids without the use of toxic substances such as phenol and chloroform. The use of specially formulated lysis buffers and Lysing Matrix tubes in combination with a FastPrep bead beating homogenizer enables highly efficient lysis of the starting sample within seconds. Total RNA of high quality and integrity can be purified typically within 40 minutes and is immediately available for downstream applications. Purified genomic DNA and intact total proteins dissolved in an appropriate buffer are ready to use in downstream applications.


The launch of SPINeasy kits is part of a new range of purification kits using a unique high-binding silica column technology to advance the rapidly expanding portfolio of highly specialized molecular biology reagents from MP Biomedicals. The company remains committed to serving the life science and diagnostics customers to bring innovation and quality products to the research lab, clinical diagnostic laboratories, and biotechnology companies.



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