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RapidPure RNA Tissue Kit

- DNA removal during Lysis step – no DNAse digestion necessary (patented principle) - Save time and money by elimination of DNase digestion - Purifies Total RNA of high quality, including also high content of small RNA’s (like mRNA) - Allows also the simultaneous isolation of proteins - Contains protocols for RNA cleanup - Can be coupled with FastPrep® processing for faster, more efficient sample preparation


RapidPure RNA Plant Kit

- Two lysis buffer systems optimized by plant type - Selective removal of DNA by binding to a nanoparticle carrier during lysis provided within the Lysis Buffer - Often no cost and time intensive DNAse digestion necessary - Highly purified RNA for better RT-PCR results - No phenol chloroform - Can be coupled with FastPrep® processing for faster, more efficient sample preparation

*F16*MPure Total RNA Extraction Kit

MPure-12 Reagent Kits - Widest Possible Choice to meet your Research Needs -15 different reagent kits for the purification of DNA and RNA -Purify DNA from Blood, Tissues, Cultured Cells, FFPE, Bacteria, Plant and Forensic samples -Purify Viral/Pathogenic DNA and Total RNA from Serum or Plasma as well as from Swabs -Each kit is designed for 48 preps and pre-packaged for a fully automated set-up and run -Scalability: Sample Volume ranges from 50 to 1000 -L and the Elution Volume ranges from 100 to 200 -L



The RNaid™ SPIN Kit with contains all of the solutions and reagents, except for ethanol, necessary for the isolation and purification of RNA in twenty minutes from agarose and polyacrylamide gels, from solutions, and from unincorporated radioactive labels. The resulting RNA is suitable as a substrate for multiple enzymatic manipulations including reverse transcription, RNase protection assays, and in vitro translation. The RNaid™ Kit provides sufficient reagents for two hundred or more RNA purifications.


RNAMATRIX is a silica-based binding matrix that is included in the FASTRNA Pro line of RNA purification kits. It can be purchased seperately to supplement larger projects or to be integrated into user-defined custom purification systems. RNAMATRIX can be utilized as a stand alone RNA binding platform for the subsequent washing away of impurities, or in conjunction with chemical purification methods such as phenol-chloroform phase separation protocols.

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