Yeast Transformation


The Alkali-Cation™ Yeast Transformation Kit provides the reagents needed to perform an easy and quick transformation of yeast, while obtaining a large number of transformants. Its ease of use, robustness, and scalability make this the method of choice for the high-efficiency transformation needed in two hybrid screens. Host cells are made competent by treatment with a lithium/cesium acetate solution. Plasmid DNA is added to the competent cells along with carefully prepared carrier DNA that has been optimized to provide high transformation effi ciencies. The Alkali-Cation™ Yeast Transformation Kit has also been successfully used to transform linear DNA into P. pastoris for protein expression studies.


- Simple and fast with minimal hands-on time - No need to make cells competent prior to transformation - High throughput: can be easily adapted to 96-well format - Ideal for simultaneous transformation of library and bait vectors into yeast two-hybrid reporter strains - Transformation efficiency up to 1 x 103 colonies per μg DNA