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Cell Analysis

Cell Analysis

Cells often serve as a starting point to understanding and identifying the basic biochemical and physical processes of life, including cell health, proliferation, differentiation, function, and death. Cell analysis enables investigations of basic cell biology, disease pathology, and drug discovery. MP Biomedicals provides comprehensive solutions with high sensitivity and low cytotoxicity for cellular analysis, including cell viability determination, mitophagy detection in mammalian cells, and cellular senescence detection. 

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Paraformaldehyde, 16% aqueous solution, methanol free

Paraformaldehyde, 16% aqueous solution, methanol free

Ready to use 16% solution used as a fixative for electron microscopy. Recommended for use in the preparation of formalin fixatives for tissues or cells when the samples are to be used in florescence studies. Methanol free

FastMitophagy™ detection kit, 1 kit

FastMitophagy™ detection kit, 1 kit

The FastMitophagy Detection Kit is specifically designed for mitophagy detection in mammalian cells.

FastCellular™ senescence detection kit - SPiDER-ΒGal, 1 kit

FastCellular™ senescence detection kit - SPiDER-ΒGal, 1 kit

The FastCellular senescence detection kit provides:

  • Higher sensitivity due to a new fluorogenic detection probe
  • Applicable for living cells and fixed tissues
  • Ability to quantify SA-Β-gal in cellular senescence assay
  • Short staining time (30 min)


Neutral red solution, 100 mL

1:300 Solution. Used as a red nuclear counterstain in various cytochemical procedures.


Trypan blue, 0.4% solution in PBS, 100 mL

Trypan Blue is a blue acid dye with a strong affinity for cellulose. Trypan blue solution may be used in trypan blue based cytotoxitiy and proliferation assays. Trypan blue is also recommended for use in dye exclusion procedures for viable cell counting. Non-viable cells will up-take trypan blue at a faster rate than viable cells.

FastCounting™ cell counting kit

FastCounting™ cell counting kit

The FastCounting cell counting kit provides a sensitive and convenient method to determine cell viability in cell proliferation and cytotoxicity assays.

Leishman's stain
Ponceau S
Trypan Blue
Human Transferrin, Recombinant (His-Tag)

Human Transferrin, Recombinant (His-Tag)

Transferrin can be used as a supplement in certain cell cultures to maintain cell survival and proliferation in serum-free or low serum conditions.

Sodium diatrizoate

Sodium diatrizoate

Sodium Diatrizoate

Brilliant Cresyl Blue

Brilliant Cresyl Blue

Brilliant Cresyl Blue

Safranine O
Solvent Blue 35

Solvent Blue 35

Member of the Sudan family of hydrophobic fat-staining dyes. Used for staining triglycerides in animal tissues (frozen sections)

Superoxide dismutase

Superoxide dismutase, ≥3500 U/mg solid

Superoxide dismutases are enzymes that catalyze the dismutation of superoxide into oxygen and hydrogen peroxide. Thus, they are an important antioxidant defense in nearly all cells exposed to oxygen.Superoxide dismutases are a group of low molecular weight metalloproteins present in all aerobic cells of plants, animals and micro-organisms. They provide protection against damaging reactions with the superoxide radical anion (O2-) by catalyzing its disproportionation into oxygen and hydrogen peroxide.

Evans Blue
Brilliant Green
Congo Red
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