Metal TeenPrep™ Adapter

Metal TeenPrep™ Adapter

Packaging size: 1 each

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Product Description

This is the strongest FastPrep-24™ adapter, intended for the most difficult and long-lasting lysis applications. Due to its metal construction, it can be continuously run on a FastPrep® indefinitely without the possibility of de-polymerization. This all-metal adapter can resist high temperatures up to 450°C and can be sterilized by pyrolysis. Furthermore, the specially designed claws prevents tubes from auto-rotation during lysis, thus allowing continuous tracking of tube labels and/or bar codes. The major use of this adapter is for lysing highly contagious samples and samples suspected of harboring prions. Due to its ability for high temperature sterilization, this is the safest solution for CNS tissue lysis and other applications where prions or other disease causing agents may be present. 15 mL tubes metal adapter for FastPrep-24™

SKU 116002546
FastPrep Instruments Models FastPrep-24
Adapter Type Ambient
Base Catalog Number 6002546
Capacity 12 Tubes
Instrument or System Type Adapters
Material of Construction Aluminum
Pack Size 1 each
Sample Throughput Medium
Storage and Handling Room Temperature (15-30°C)
Tube Compatibility 15 ml