Murashige and Skoog's Modified Vitamin Solution (1000X)

Murashige and Skoog's Modified Vitamin Solution (1000X)

Packaging size: 100 ml

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Product Description

Includes the vitamins as described by Murashige and Skoog, 1962. Use at a concentration of 1 ml/L medium.

Key Applications

Plant Cell Growth

SKU 092625149
Base Catalog Number 2625149
Concentration 1000x Formula for solution (mg/L):Glycine (Free Base): 2000myo-Inositol: 100;000Nicotinic Acid (Free Acid): 500Pyridoxine•HCI: 500Thiamine•HCI: 1000
Formulation Details Liquid
Applications Plant Cell Growth
Pack Size 100 ml
Physical Appearance Clear; slight yellow solution
Storage and Handling Store at 0-5°C.