ITS Premix Solution

ITS Premix Solution

Packaging size: 5 mL

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Product Description

ITS Premix will stimulate cell proliferation while decreasing substantially the serum requirements for culture of many cell types as diverse, for example, as contractile rat heart cells and human colon mucosal epithelial cells. Basal media supplemented with ITS Premix and as little as 2% Fetal Bovine Serum support proliferation of many diploid and heteroploid cell lines at rates equivalent to those obtained with 10% serum. Contains 0.5 mg/ml insulin from bovine pancreas, 0.5 mg/ml human transferrin (substantially iron-free) and 0.5 ug/ml sodium selenite. Prepared in Earle's balanced Salt Solution (EBSS) without phenol red. Sterile-filtered.

Key Applications

Mammalian Cell Culture

SKU 092001344
Base Catalog Number 2001344
Formulation Details Liquid
Isotype IgG
Applications Mammalian Cell Culture
Pack Size 5 mL
Physical Appearance Clear; Pink Solution
Sterility ITS Premix is sterile filtered through a .2 micron filter. It has been tested and found negative for the presence of bacteria; fungi; and mycoplasma. |
Storage and Handling Store at 0-5°C.
Typical Working Concentration One milliliter of solution is sufficient to supplement one liter of medium