Trace Element Solution 2 (1000×)

Trace Element Solution 2 (1000×)

Packaging size: 100 mL

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Product Description

MP Biomedicals offers a 1000X sterile filtered solution for use with serum-free media. It has the same composition as Cleveland’s Trace Element I.

Key Applications

Cell Biology Analysis | Plant Cell Growth |

SKU 091676649
Base Catalog Number 1676649
Concentration 1000X
Formulation Details Liquid | Trace Element Solution 2 has following components in mg/L (as 1 X Concentration)- MnSO4 - H2O: 0.00017 mg/L; NaSiO3 - 9H2O: 0.140 mg/L; Molybdic Acid: 0.00124 mg/L; Ammonium Salt NH4VO3: 0.00065 mg/L; NiSO4 - 6H2O: 0.00013 mg/L; SnCl2 (anhydrous): 0.00012 mg/L.
Applications Cell Biology Analysis | Plant Cell Growth |
Pack Size 100 mL
pH 10.28 (Lit.)
Physical Appearance Clear; Colorless Solution
Sterility Sterile
Storage and Handling Store at +4°C.