Leibovitz L-15 Medium (Modified) (1X Solution) Without L-Glutamine

Leibovitz L-15 Medium (Modified) (1X Solution) Without L-Glutamine

Packaging size: 500 mL

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Product Description

In this medium dextrose is replaced by galactose. In addition, buffering is provided by the free bases of the amino acids in place of sodium bicarbonate. As a result this medium has been used for growth of tissues in free gaseous exchange with the atmosphere.

Key Applications

Mammalian Cell Culture

SKU 091251054
Base Catalog Number 1251054
Formulation Details Liquid
Applications Mammalian Cell Culture
Pack Size 500 mL
Physical Appearance Clear Red/Orange Solution
Product Families Description (1X Liquid, Modified)<br>Without <span class="small-uc">L</span>-glutamine<br><B>Endotoxin Tested</B><br>Sterile Filtered
Storage and Handling Store at 0-5°C.