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What to look for in a Rancidity Test for Oils and Fats

There are many different platforms, instruments, and services to choose from when it comes to rancidity testing. To help you choose the best option for your lab, we’ve put together a list of key characteristics to consider in your selection process.

  • Proven – Reagent kits and instruments are designed for reproducibility, lot-to-lot consistency, scalability, and ease-of-use
  • Speed – It offers rapid, on-site results and no special lab or degree are needed to efficiently get quality results
  • Quality – Kits and testing methods are in alignment with American Oil Chemists' Society (AOCS) test methods
  • Convenience – Kits and instruments are configured and standardized for cost-effectively analyzing 100+ samples to streamline your workflow
  • Flexibility – Customizable platforms and settings for running various types of liquid or solid samples
  • Safety – Reagents are low hazard and require no toxic chemicals or solvents

Free Fatty Acid Test Kit

Accurately determine oleic acid levels of oils, meat meals, snacks, etc. from 0.02 to 20%.

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What is the SafTest System?

MP Bio’s SafTest system consists of an instrument platform, consumables, and kits for performing a rancidity test of lipids and oils of various liquid or solid samples.

SafTest platforms and kits are designed for analyzing any combination of endpoints including peroxide value, free fatty acids, malonaldehydes, alkenals, percent fat, or total, free and bound glycerin from a variety of products.


  • Six different reagent kits for the analysis of quality in human and pet foods, oils, cosmetics and biodiesel
  • Requires only small amount of the sample (10 – 50 μL)
  • Results that meet the standards set by AOCS and or ASTM
  • Obtain quality data in 20 – 30 minutes as opposed to traditional methods that take 8 hours
  • Designed for ease-of-use and convenience
  • Each kit contains up to 120 tests and comes pre-packaged with all the reagents, calibrators and controls
  • All reagents are non-toxic

With SafTest, you will receive on-site instrument set-up and training. Prior to instrument set-up and training, we will test your samples and provide a detailed report of the full panel of testing results and recommendations for future testing. If needed, we will create a custom testing protocol for you.

Platform Instrumentation for Testing Solid Samples

Quickly run solid samples using MP Biomedicals' Free Fatty Acid, Malonaldehyde, Percent Fat, and Total Glycerin Test Kits—all our kits come pre-packaged with all the reagents, calibrators and controls you need.

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What can be tested with the SafTest System

MP Bio offers SafTest Systems for testing solid and liquid samples. The SafTest Solid Platform and SafTest Liquid Platform are custom combinations of instrumentation and consumables designed specifically for utilization with MP Bio’s SafTest Kits. You can use any combination of SafTest endpoints with the Solid or Liquid Platform to ensure your raw materials and end products are fresh.

Solid Samples

Liquid Samples

  • Pet Food
  • Chips
  • Grains
  • Nuts
  • Dairy Products
  • Butters
  • Meats
  • Almond & Coconut
  • Milk
  • Cosmetics
  • Skin Care Product & Ingredients
  • Vegetable Oils
  • Peanut Oil
  • Coconut Oil
  • Mineral Oil
  • Essential Oils

To get the best accuracy and repeatability with MP Bio test kits, dilute your samples to fall within the Calibration Range prior to analysis and stay within the Optimal Working Range (the expected sample value prior to dilution) below.

Test Kit

Calibration Range

Optimal Working Range

Peroxide Test Kit

0.00 – 0.20 MEQ/kg

0.05 – 50 MEQ/kg

Free Fatty Acid Test Kit

0.04 – 2.01%

0.1 – 30%

Malonaldehyde Test Kit

0.00 – 0.32 mg/kg

0 – 20 mg/kg

Alkenal Test Kit

8 – 64 nmol/mL

2 – 640 nmol/mL

Percent Fat Test Kit

0.06 – 0.33%

0.04 – 50%

Total Glycerin Test Kit

0.008 – 0.060%


Liquid Sample Platform Instrumentation

Conveniently run liquid samples using MP Biomedicals' Free Fatty Acid, Malonaldehyde, Percent Fat, and Total Glycerin Test Kits—you’ll get quality data in as little as 20-30 minutes!

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SafTest System Features and Specifications

The SafTest platform utilizes a simple, easy-to-use photometric analyzer designed specifically for measuring analytes in complex materials. The touch-screen based graphical user interface with pre-programmed protocols makes this instrument simple to learn and easy to operate; and menu-driven software offers flexibility so you can perform a wide variety of assays.

Summary of Features:

  • Pre-programmed touch-screen based protocols
  • Reads standard disposable glass 12 mm diameter round tubes – no expensive cuvettes necessary
  • Results exported to both onboard printer and USB drive
  • Large full color LCD touch screen (800RGB x 480 pixels) for easy navigation and viewing
  • Linear and polygonal interpolation for test kit calibration
  • Built in memory (64 Mb) for saving and recalling previous calibration curves
  • Onboard calculation of concentration or value indexes based on calibration curves
  • Absorbance read time less than 2 seconds
  • Built in printer

SafTest System Specifications

Absorbance Range

0.000-2.000 AU


550 nm, 570 nm and 690 nm




R coefficient > 0.98; Standard deviation of < 0.005 AU when measured with 20 samples of distilled water

Liquid Crystal Display

320 x 240 STN LCD with Touch Screen




30 cm x 27.2 cm x 12.5 cm


6.17 lbs (2.8 kg)

Tube Size

12 mm generic round-bottom glass or polystyrene

Read Time

Less than 2 seconds per tube

Preparation Reagent for SafTest Kits

Properly prepare your samples for analysis with all SafTest Kits.

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ProTips and Final Notes

  • Unsure which test kit you need for your sample? Check out the SafTest Kit Selection Guide and Application Guide in our Food Quality Brochure.
  • Whether you are using a SafTest kit for peroxide value testing or total glycerin testing, you’ll need a dispenser set, which includes one dispenser for each reagent and a holding rack.
  • Keep your instruments and labware clean with 7XTM Ready-to-use Detergent —its effective, water-soluble and eco-friendly.

Don’t want to perform a rancidity test for oils and fats yourself? We also offer sample testing services onsite using the MP Bio SafTest instrument platform. Send us your solid or liquid samples and we’ll take care of the rest. Contact us to learn more.

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