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March 08, 2022

MP Biomedicals announce the launch of the 3rd generation of Automated Nucleic Acid Purification: The MPure-32


Step away from the norm and experience the difference in nucleic acid purification with the MPure-32 Automated Nucleic acid Purification System.


For more than 20 years, MP Biomedicals has been dedicated to providing the scientific community with the best tools for sample preparation from grinding to DNA amplification.

In this process, we, at MP Biomedicals have always sought to offer a wider range of kits and products for the purification and extraction of nucleic acids.

The use of extracted DNA and RNA in various applications and research fields is widening every year.

With the need for high-throughput analysis and downstream applications, automation is making its way into laboratories and facilities.

In 2011, MP Biomedicals became one of the first companies that launch an automated nucleic acid purification system based on the use of magnetic beads: The RapidGen12.

Magnetic-particle technology yields high-purity nucleic acids suitable for most molecular biology applications. Magnetic-particle technology is today largely automated to enable fast and economical nucleic acid purification procedures for example, within genomics. We are pleased to launch our 3rd generation of aNAP using the last rod technology: the MPure-32. Our new aNAP instrument can process up to 32 samples simultaneously within a short period of time (around 20 to 60 minutes). This high-quality instrument enables the extraction of nucleic acid with high purity, and yield and eliminates the risk of human error and cross-contamination.


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At MP Biomedicals, our focus is on reducing the day-to-day complexities and uncertainties that scientists face so that you can move your projects forward quickly and confidently.

When you choose MP Biomedicals, you know you can worry less and discover more. That’s because, with MP Biomedicals, dependability is always delivered.


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