Ouchterlony Plates, 5 pk

Ouchterlony Plates, 5 pk

Packaging size: 5 pk

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Product Description

Each package contains 5 plates for use in typing procedures. The MP Ouchterlony Plates have eight (8) antigen wells (8mm diameter), each surrounded by six (6) antisera wells (3mm diameter). These plates have been especially designed for work involving antigens present in very low concentrations. The large antigen well allows 75 microliters of sample to be transferred at one time. The smaller antisera wells (3mm diameter) will hold a maximum of 12 microliters. The format is particularly useful for isotyping of tissue culture supernatants of monoclonal antibodies.

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SKU 08642781
Base Catalog Number 642781
Pack Size 5 pk
Storage and Handling Store at 2-8°C. Do Not Freeze
Applications Immunoassays