Micro - Ouchterlony plates, 5 pk

Micro - Ouchterlony plates, 5 pk

Packaging size: 5 pk

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Product Description

Each MP immunodiffusion plate contains 8 ouchterlony patterns consisting of a center well and 6 outer wells. The MP ouchterlony plate is designed for specific but low affinity antisera. Such antisera require properly spaced wells and polyethylene glycol in the agarose for optimal immuno-precipitation. The plates are prepared especially for the MP polyclonal antisera to human IgG subclasses. When using these antisera for typing immunoglobulin subclasses in patients with myeloma, the sera must be diluted so that the background IgG does not produce visible precipitation.

Key Applications


SKU 08642771
Base Catalog Number 642771
Pack Size 5 pk
Typical Working Concentration Typically dilutions of 1:600 to 1:16,000 are required.

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