FastRNA™ Win Kit for Plant, 50 Preps

FastRNA™ Win Kit for Plant, 50 Preps

Packaging size: 50 Preps

SKU 116080050
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Product Description

The FastRNA Win Kit for Plant is designed to isolate and purify high quality total RNA from plant cells and tissues for better RT-PCR results. The use of the FastPrep® instrument combined with unique lysis buffers guarantees an efficient lysis of the starting material and a simultaneous inactivation of endogenous RNases. Genomic DNA is separated from the total RNA by binding to specially optimized mineral carrier particles included in the lysis buffer. The RNA is then mixed with ethanol and transferred to the RNA binding membrane. Total RNA then binds, contaminants are washed away and the pure RNA is eluted. No phenol or chloroform is required. Includes protocol for simultaneous isolation of proteins.

Key Applications

Highly pure and ready to use for a broad range of downstream applications including Northern Blot, RNA dot blots, In vitro translation, RT-PCR, ddRT-PCR, cDNA-libraries and TaqMan® analysis and array technologies.

SKU 116080050
Base Catalog Number 6080050
Brand FastRNA™
Format Kit
Pack Size 50 Preps
Sample Source Plant Tissues