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Real-Time PCR

Real-Time PCR

Superior Real-Time PCR

MP Bio offers ready-to-use mastermixes for qPCR with probes as well as mastermixes containing SYBR® Green. The mixes contain all the components necessary for qPCR with the exception of template and primers. The concentrations of the components (Magnesium Chloride, dNTPs, SYBR Green and ROX) have been optimized to give the highest levels of amplification with no primer dimer formation. All qPCR & Go mastermixes can be used on any real-time instruments and are also ideal for the new generation of fast-cyclers.

  • Rapid: save time with new unique buffer chemistry giving the highest specificity and sensitivity
  • Accurate: specific amplification, the hot-start capability prevents primer-dimer formation
  • Sensitive: from low copy targets
  • Flexible: compatible with all standard and fast cycling instruments