ASSURE TB Rapid Test (CE)

ASSURE TB Rapid Test (CE)

Packaging size: 20 Tests

SKU 0743500020
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Product Description

MP Diagnostics ASSURE TB Rapid Test is an indirect solidphase immunochromatographic assay where antibodies in the test sample (serum, plasma or whole blood) forms an antibody-antigen complex with immobilized Tuberculosis antigens on a membrane in the test window as the test sample migrates upwards from the sample well. The bound antibody-antigen complexes are subsequently detected by a dye conjugated to anti-human IgG carried by the chase buffer migrating downward giving a pink-purplish color. The control line contains protein A which binds with the anti-human IgG-dye conjugate. The control band serves as an indication of proper sample addition and migration plus reagent (anti-human IgG dye conjugate) control.

Usage Statement

For Sale Outside the US Only.

SKU 0743500020
Analyte / Target M. tuberculosis antibodies
Base Catalog Number 43500020
Diagnostic Platforms Rapid Test
Diagnostic Solutions Infectious Disease
Disease Screened Mycobacterium Tuberculosis
Pack Size 20 Tests
Sample Type Plasma, Serum, Whole Blood
Species Reactivity Human
Usage Statement For Sale Outside the US Only.