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N-Acetylneuraminic acidaldolas, 100 U

N-Acetylneuraminic acidaldolas, 100 U

Synonyms EC

CAS Number: 9027-60-5

Packaging size: 100 U

SKU 0215349380
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SKU 0215349380
Alternate Names EC
Application Notes The enzyme is useful for the enzymatic determination of N-acetylneuraminic acid and sialic acid by coupling with the related enzymes.
Base Catalog Number 15349380
CAS # 9027-60-5
Pack Size 100 U
Personal Protective Equipment Eyeshields, Gloves, half-mask respirator , multi-purpose combination respirator cartridge
pH Optimum pH: 7.5-8.0 (Lit.); pH Stability: 6.0-9.0 (10°C, 25 hr)
Specific Activity 15 units/mg solid
Unit Definition One unit causes the oxidation of one micromole of NADH per minute at pH 7.5 at 37 °C.
Usage Statement Unless specified otherwise, MP Biomedical's products are for research or further manufacturing use only, not for direct human use. For more information, please contact our customer service department.