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Dextran Sodium Sulfate for colitis animal model research.

Common recommendations for a variety of cell types used for serum-free primary cell cultures.

Growth evaluation of Vero cell strain in FBS-supplemented vs FastGro-supplemented medium.

As Seen in Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News, High-Performance Density Gradient Media for Purification of Leukocytes from Blood.

Validation of the MP Biomedicals SafTest Free Fatty Acid Test for AOAC Research Institute Performance Methods Certification.

Streamlining everyday workflows in forensics applications.

Unleash the possibilities with animal-free, chemically defined FBS replacement to promote cell growth and consistency.

The first and only FDA approved assay for the confirmation and differentiation of HTLV I/II in blood doner screening.

A complete solution from propagation to molecular analysis.