Achieve sensitive and consistent PCR results with ultra purified deoxynucleotides. Free of polymerase inhibitors each batch is specifically controlled for RNAse, DNAse and nicking contaminants activity.

This high quality standard is assured by stringent function testing in PCR on using genomic template. Suitable for use in PCR, RT-PCR, qPCR, cDNA synthesis, DNA sequencing and labeling.

Description Pack Size Cat. No
RNase Erase™ (to remove RNase contamination) 250 ml 04821682
DNA Erase™ (to remove DNA contamination) 500 ml 04821805
Water, DNA & RNAse Free 500 ml 04821932
dNTPs Set (100 mM each) 4 x 25 μmol 11NTACG100
dNTPs Mix (5 mM each) ready to use solution 5 μmol 11NTPMX050