Agarose First has high gel strength even at low concentrations. It is ideal for routine and rapid separation of DNA and RNA fragments. Standard Agarose (low EEO) is recommended for sharp resolution of nucleic acid fragments greater than 1000 bp. Low Melting Point Agarose has finer sieving characteristics than standard agaroses. The low melting temperature permits nucleic acid recovery without denaturation or damage. High Resolution Agarose is an intermediate melting and gelling point agarose which exhibits superior sieving characteristics. The agarose will remain in a liquid state at 37°C allowing gel manipulations without prior DNA purification such as:

  • Enzyme digestion
  • DNA labelling
  • Random priming
  • PCR
  • Sequencing
  • Ligation
  • Nick Translation

Description Pack Size Cat. No
Agarose First Low Price 500 g 11AGAF0500
Agarose Standard Low EEO 100 g 11AGAH0100
Agarose Low Melting Point 50 g 11AGAL0050
AGAROSE, High Resolution 50 g 11AGAR0050