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Jun 14 , 2010
Santa Ana, CA. June 14, 2010: MP Biomedicals LLC announced today that it has signed a definitive agreement to acquire the assets of ICPbio International LTD., an Auckland; New Zealand based protein biologics manufacturing company subject to normal closing adjustments. This acquisition places MP Biomedicals in a strong position to pursue sales and distribution of serum protein products used in research and manufacturing in the Biopharmaceutical, In vitro diagnostic and Biotech sectors. Milan Panic, Chairman and CEO of MP Biomedicals said, "We feel that this world class protein separation platform provides the manufacturing organization resources needed for MP Biomedicals to more fully serve customer demands for quality, low-risk serum protein materials collected and produced in the pristine environment of New Zealand."

ICPbio Ltd., utilizes a state of the art chromatographic extraction which ensures high purity, intact proteins, and processes without the denaturing effect of conventional precipitation methods of manufacture furthermore; the technology and quality systems ensure a high level of process control and product consistency, meeting the stringent demands of the bio-pharmaceutical industry. The product line includes Thrombin, Transferrin, Albumin and IGg. MP will distribute and sell these products worldwide.

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