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Oct 29 , 2009
7X Detergent Now Available in Convenient Ready-to-Use Formula
MP Biomedicals announces 7X Ready-to-Use, the newest product in the 7X Detergent line. Researchers have trusted 7X Detergents for over 50 years and now it's ready to use right from the bottle - just pump and go! Perfect for smaller jobs - cleaning labware has never been so easy!

7X Ready-to-Use is available in a 1-gallon bottle with a convenient hand pump dispenser. It is premixed at a 5% concentration for highly effective cleaning and is safe for cell culture. 7X Ready-to-Use requires no pH adjustment or titration, and like all 7X products, will not etch glassware.

7X Ready-to-Use is also available in the 7X-O-Matic formulation which is perfect for machine washers and ultrasonic cleaners.

For even more convenience, order 7X Ready-to-Use Refills! Pour one refill bottle into an empty gallon container, then completely fill with purified water. The Refill 6-Pack yields 6 gallons of 5% concentration 7X.

Be one of the first in your lab to enjoy the convenience of new 7X Ready-to-Use Detergent. See for yourself how easy cleaning can be! Using new 7X Ready-to-Use means never having the chore of diluting and mixing regular 7X again.

Order now and receive Special Introductory Prices on 7X Ready-to-Use. Save 20% off List Price through November 30, 2009.

1 Gallon 5% 7X Ready-to-Use with pump
Cat# 7667093 List Price $24.55 Introductory Price $19.64

6-pack 7X Ready-to-Use Refill
Cat# 76670RF List Price $82.40 Introductory Price $65.92

1 Gallon 5% 7X-O-Matic Ready-to-Use with pump
Cat# 7668493 List Price $39.55 Introductory Price $31.64

6-pack 7X-O-Matic Ready-to-Use Refill
Cat# 76684RF List Price $144.20 Introductory Price $115.36

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