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MP Biomedicals offers the highest quality and the broadest range of products for neural stem research. Our products are highly validated and offer you the peace of mind when it comes to ensuring the best results for drug discovery.

High quality stem/progenitor cells
Lineage stage-specific serum-free hormonally defined complete media
Supporting reagents qualified for specific applications
Stem cell-based in vitro model systems
Lower cost compared to the competition
Offer custom media formulations and custom lots of NSCs or CryoNeurons™

Neural Media - Produced to the highest level of specification and fully tested and validated.

Neural stem cell growth media - for expansion
Neural transition media - for transition from growth to differentiation
Neural Differentiation media - to differentiate stem cells into mature neurons
Complete media includes: liquid based media with frozen serum-free supplement, growth and differentiation factors
Proprietary media formulations

Neural Stem Cells (NSCs - Human and Rat) - handle like cell lines but are not transformed and have normal karyotype.

Isolated from specific brain regions and provided in frozen vials
Cultured on laminin coated plates with an average doubling time of 48 hours
Scalable and each vial is consistent, reproducible and scalable to >109 cells
Automation friendly and can plated into 384-well format plates
Generate fully functional neurons in Rat (14 days) or humans (28 days)
Maintain mature neurons in culture for many weeks

Neural Stem Cell Kits - Offers the best value at a discounted price

Components in the kits are discounted by 20%
Includes 1 vial of neural stem cells (Donor lot of your choice)
One bottle of each media - growth, transition, differentiation and freezing
Trypsin and Soybean Trypsin Inhibitor
Neural Stem Cells