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Cat. No. Description Unit Size List MP Cost

D-PBS w/Ca++, Mg++

500 ml Inquire -

D-PBS w/o Ca++, Mg++

500 ml Inquire -

Trypsin, Hank's based 0.05% Trypsin, 0.5 mM EDTA

100 ml Inquire 12.60

Soybean Trypsin Inhibitor 0.025% in PBS

100 ml Inquire 39.30
These cells can do - WHAT?
Mature human neurons for contextual disease models
Replace primary rodent neurons with stem cell-derived rodent neurons
High throughput target or phenotypic screens
Building in-house screening platforms for small molecules, proteins, genes
High-Content, etc. - QPS/Hamner partnership
Collaborations with pharmaceutical industry
Guarantee excellence in entire process
Media, cells, disease model, screening assay
Contextual Disease Models - WHY?
Disease pathology often involves interplay between different cell types and target biology dependent on cell environment.
Need mature cells that represent human pathology and animal disease models.
Intracellular Signaling and enzyme activation
Receptor biology