Lysing Matrix SS

Tubes contain 1/4'' (6.35mm, .25 cal) stainless-steel grinding balls. Use to break hard/brittle samples. Applications include RNA extraction from difficult samples where lysis by impaction only is preferable with minimal amounts of mechanical shearing. All Samples, Tough Tissues, Skeletal Muscle, Lung, Heart, Bone, Seeds, Spores.

All Samples | Tough Tissues | Skeletal Muscle | Lung | Heart | Bone | Seeds | Spores


Steel grinding beads, 5.5 mm, bulk, 1 kg

5.5 mm (.25 cal) stainless steel grinding beads. Used to break hard, brittle samples.


Lysing Matrix SS, 2 mL tube

Tube contains one 1/4" (6.35 mm, .25 cal) stainless-steel grinding ball. Used to grind hard animal and plant tissues, bone, seeds, hair. For use on FastPrep® instruments or any bead beater.


BigClean Lysis Matrix, 50 mL tube

Tube contains fifty (50) stainless-steel grinding balls. For use on FastPrep® instruments or any bead beater.