Lysing Matrix I

Tubes contain 2 mm yellow zirconia and 4 mm black ceramic beads. ZrO2 has high density, tensile strength and hardness, and breaks hard samples with a dense exterior matrix. Ceramic gives high inertia to break chitin/protein in exoskeleton of arthropods/ crustaceans. Use to isolate RNA/Proteins from plant/animal, dense soils/clays, insects, and dry grinding fungal spores/rusts.

Plant and Animal Tissues | Wood | Seeds | Very Dense Soils and Clays | Whole Insects | Ticks, Fleas | Ancient and Dried Samples | Dry Fungal Spores/Rusts


Lysing Matrix I, 2 mL tube

Tube contains 2 mm yellow zirconia beads and a 4 mm black ceramic sphere. Used to grind animal and plant tissues, wood, insects, ancient samples. For use on FastPrep® instruments or any bead beater.