2ml Lysing Matrix Tubes

Each impact-resistant 2 mL tube contains 2 mm glass beads and 2 mm yellow zirconium oxide beads. Matrix H tubes have yellow caps. Zirconium oxide has very high density and high tensile strength and hardness, and is effective at breaking very tough and hard samples, including organisms within a tough or dense exterior matrix. This is useful in applications such as isolation of intact organelles, and super-molecular structures where lysis conditions necessitate high impaction but low shearing. The 2 mm glass beads are effective at breaking pathogenic yeast polysaccharide capsules and hyphae inside infected tissue. Matrix H can also be used to isolate RNA and Proteins from bacterial aggregates, biofilms, and whole insects.

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Lysing Matrix H

Tubes containing 2 mm glass beads and 2 mm yellow zirconium oxide beads designed to grind difficult samples such as wood, seeds, insects and dried samples.

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