Lysing Matrix H

Tubes contain 2 mm glass and 2 mm yellow zirconium oxide beads. ZrO2 has high density, tensile strength and hardness, and breaks very tough and hard plant/animal tissues, wood/seeds, dense soils/clays, bacterial aggregates/biofilms, insects/ticks, ancient and dried samples; where lysis conditions necessitate high impaction but low shearing

Plant and Animal Tissues | Wood, Seeds | Very Dense Soils and Clays | Bacterial Aggregates | Whole Insects | Ticks, Fleas | Ancient and Dried Samples


Lysing Matrix H, 2 mL tube

Tube contains 2 mm glass beads and 2 mm yellow zirconium oxide beads. Used to grind brittle animal and plant tissues and lyse yeast and fungi. For use on FastPrep® instruments or any bead beater.