DNA & RNA Isolation, GLASSFOG® slurry plus SPIN filter

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MERmaid SPIN KIT UN1824-II 8

The MERmaid SPIN Kit is the superior method for purifying small MW DNA away from gels or solutions. Single-stranded or double-stranded DNA oligomers or PCR products of 10-200 nucleotides in length are readily purified from agarose and polyacrylamide gels or from solution, without alcohol precipitations or hazardous organic extractions. The SPIN procedure purifies DNA more rapidly than the non-spin version of the MERmaid Kit and eliminate matrix carry-over which can interfere with subsequent enzyme reactions. The procedure is used for simultaneous desalting, buffer exchange, and concentration of DNA. It contains our proprietary GLASSFOG™ binding matrix slurry that is specifically designed for smaller DNA fragments and oligos and offers flexibility in reaction size and volume.

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