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Immunodiffusion Plates, Uncalibrated, Unfilled

Immunodiffusion Plates are polystyrene with close-fitting covers to minimize gel dehydration. Plate bottoms are recessed 7 mm to prevent scratching on the bench surfaces. The plate is hydrophilic for easy gel pouring and better adherence to the plate.

Silver Enhancing Kit (For Blotting)

Silver Enhancing Kit is an easy to use and sensitive method for enhancement of immunogold labelled antigens on a solid support. It depends on the reduction of silver from solution in the presence of a developer by the gold label attached to proteins/nucleic acids mounted on a solid phase for direct viewing by eyes. The components of the solutions have been selected to allow good control over time of development with minimal background. Because of its relative insensitivity to light, the enhancement may be monitored in normal room lighting during development. The specimens need no fixing after development but may be thoroughly washed in tap water. The development operates at pH 7.4 to minimize the difficulties experienced with other enhancing methods where very low pH sometimes causes the extraction of labelled proteins from the specimen.


Volume: 1-100.Racked, sterile. 10X96 per box.

D26-20 FILTER, 0.20UM 50/BX

Flowpore® D26-20 Syringe Filters are designed to filter in either direction (bidirectional). However, once you start filtering in one direction, do not reverse it. During handling, make sure to avoid contamination of the filtrate outlet and the attached accessories (e.g., needle). If the pressure required to maintain the filtrate flow becomes too high, the filter unit should be changed.


12-CH Digital MCP, 50-300UL


Custom-made to fit the Titertek® and Finnpipette® Multistepper. 96 tips per rack. 10 racks per package.


Multitest slides feature a hydrophobic blue PTFE coating which keeps your samples in the wells. This slide features wells with the same spacing as standard microplates. A 4-channel pipette can be used to transfer samples directly from the microplate to the slide. Appropriate for one-time use. The coating easily dissolves with common organic solvents. The uncoated areas have a total wettable surface so that liquid spreads evenly over the area of each well. For cell attachment and growth, the slides require only a simple washing in deionized water or detergent followed by sterilization.


245x245x20 mm
Sterile w/vents

Base for PlantCon™ Plant Tissue Culture Container

Sterilized base for PlantCon plant tissue culture container.