Microplate reader & washer

FastRead 9608  96 well micropl

FastRead 9608 96 well micropl


Measurement System: 8-Channel optical system
Wavelength Range: 400nm - 800nm;
Measurement Range: 0.001 - 3.000Abs
Photometric Accuracy: ±1.0% or ±0.01(test scope between 0.1∼1.5)
Repeatability: =0.5%
Stability: =±0.005Abs
Linearity: ±1% (test scope between 0.1∼1.5)
Filters: 405, 450, 492, 630nm
The instrument has single, double wave length inspecting
Function: absorbency, qualitative, quantitative analysis function. It can output 10 kinds of data, print 1000 patients' reports, can store enquire and print quality control data and quality control curve of 6 items for a whole month. It can input capital and lowercase through touch screen and it has three English character input method. It can store 200 inspecting program, 200 groups of parameter and curve, 105 groups of whole board inspecting data.
Filters : Standard:4 filters (405, 450, 492, 630nm). A total of 7 filters can be installed.
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