Pokeweed Mitogen

Pure Pokeweed Mitogen (Phytolacca Americana)

Product lectin is pure Phytolacca americana from Pokeweed. Pure pokeweed mitogen is used in mitogenic assays. It has variety of applications in vitro like blood grouping and erythrocyte polyagglutination studies, mitogenic stimulation of lymphocytes, lymphocyte subpopulation studies, fractionation of cells and other particles, histochemical studies of normal and pathological conditions. Pokeweed mitogen has specificity for sugar chains containing a di-N-Acetylchitobiose moiety such as is found on "band-3 glycoprotein" from human erythrocytes. Di-N-acetylchitobiose and tri-N-acetylchitobiose inhibit agglutination activity of the lectin.

Pokeweed Mitogen From Phytolacca Americana

Pokeweed mitogen (PWM) is extracted from pokeweed roots. This protein has hemagglutinating, leukoagglutinating, and mitogenic properties. PWM is not blood group specific, but has affinity for N-acetyl-β-D-glucosamine oligomers.