Digestion of yeast and fungal cell walls is necessary for many biological processes including protoplast preparation, cell fusion, transformation, and extraction. Generally, the yeast cell wall consists of four major components, namely branched β-(1,3)-glucan, substituted β-(1,3) glucan, glycoproteins, and mannoprotein. As a result, a single lysing enzyme is not efficient to break down yeast cell walls.

Zymolyase is a combination enzyme product with a proprietary mixture of four unique lytic enzymes, each of which attacks a different yeast cell wall component. Zymolyase can be used at low concentrations to easily break down various yeast cell wall components at significantly higher efficiencies compared to other lysing enzymes. This helps ensure maximum yields of intact protoplasts without hindering viability or regeneration.

With almost 3 decades of industry expertise and over 2,400 citations, Zymolyase from MP Bio is time proven and quality driven, offering:

  • Highest efficiency to form almost 100% protoplasts
  • Shortest time for yeast cell wall biodegradation
  • Lot to lot consistency and high reproducibility

Zymolyase 100T (100Ku/g)

Zymolyase-100T is an enzyme preparation from a submerged culture of Arthrobacter luteus which effectively lyses cell walls of viable yeast cells. This preparation is lyophilized enzyme partially purified by affinity chromatography and contains 100,000 units enzyme/g. The primary enzyme in this preparation responsible for lysis of viable yeast cells in ß-1,3-glucan laminaripentaohydrolase. It hydrolyzes glucose polymers at the ß-1,3-glucan linkages releasing laminaripentaose as the principal product.


Zymolyase - 20T from Arthrobacter luteus


Superior yeast lysis using zymolyase.

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