IHC Reagents

BCIP/NBT, stable alkaline phosphatase substrate, 100 mL

Stabilized Chromogen Solution
This alkaline phosphatase chromogen solution contains the two components in a stabilized solution which may be used as the final step in color development. The resulting product is a permanent, deep-purple stain. It enhances results in both ELISA and immunohistology assays utilizing peroxidase and alkaline phosphatase.


3,3-Diaminobenzidine tablets, 100 tabs

Used in immunohistology and immunoblotting as a precipitating substrate for the localization of peroxidase activity. Insoluble end product is resistant to alcohol and fading, making it ideal for immunohistochemistry.

Immuno-fluore mounting medium, 25 mL

Immuno-Fluore™ Mounting Medium is a mounting medium for immunofluorescence preparations. A stabilizing agent has been added that inhibits the fading of fluorescence under the influence of ultraviolet light.

Peroxidase protective buffer, 500 mL

Peroxidase Protective Buffer which stabilizes HRP conjugates. This protective buffer is compatible with common blocking agents such as BSA, skim milk (Blotto), Tween-20 and normal serum.