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Mouse Anti-Human IgM Monoclonal (Clone: HP6083)

Monoclonal anti-human IgM is conjugated with amino-hexanoyl-biotin N-hydroxysuccininimide under optimum conditions and is free of unconjugated biotin.

Mouse Anti-Human IgG (Clone HP6045) Biotinylated Monoclonal

Lyophilized powder. From 10 mM PBS, pH 7.4, containing 1% BSA and 0.05% sodium azide

Mouse Anti-Human IgG1 Biotinylated (Clone: HP6069) Monoclonal

Applications: immunoblotting and immunohistochemistry.

Biotin-Conjugated Goat Affinity Purified Antibody To Rat IgG (Whole Molecule)

Product is biotin-conjugated goat affinity purified antibody to rat IgG (whole molecule) in a stabilized solution.

Biotin-Conjugated Sheep Affinity Purified F(Ab')2 Fragment To Mouse IgG (No Cross To Human)

Product is biotin-conjugated sheep affinity purified F(ab')2 fragment to mouse IgG (whole molecule) in a stabilized solution.

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