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Superior Plasmid Yield Through Enhanced Cell Growth Perfect for overnight or weekend cultures, CIRCLEGROW™ Medium is a super-rich bacterial growth medium that produces up to three times more plasmid DNA than traditional growth medium. CIRCLEGROW™ Medium consists of a protein and amino acid source, biological buffer, and a complex carbon source that gets metabolized at a much slower rate than glucose, thus prolonging the cell cycle and preventing cell death during the log phase of growth. Cells grown with CIRCLEGROW™® Medium remain healthy for more than two days and continue to divide slowly after the log phase of the growth has been completed. Reduce Hands-On Work and Preparation Time CIRCLEGROW™ cultures do not need to be constantly monitored by O.D. readings due to the incremental post-log cell growth. Obtain excellent yields of plasmid DNA from smaller culture volumes, and confidently leave cultures overnight or over the weekend. CIRCLEGROW™ capsules are the most convenient form of this unique growth media. Pre-mixed CIRCLEGROW™ is also available in bulk powder, single-use pouches, capsules and sterile liquid.

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