Immunoassay Reagents


Agarose, immunodiffusion grade

Low EEO and high gel strength. Specifically selected and tested for immunoelectrophoresis and immunodiffusion

L-Triiodothyronine-BSA(T3),antiserum, 1 mL
Serum, whole, deer, 2 mL
Serum, whole, monkey, 2 mL
Serum, porcine, 100 mL
NZ Bovine IgG

NZ Bovine IgG

This product is useful for structural and biological studies, as a reference standard, or as starting material for immunogen preparation. It is prepared using chromatographic technique.Purity: >95%, Lyophilized powder

Serum, normal, rat, 10 mL

Serum, normal, rat, 10 mL

Rat serum is pooled from a normal donor population.

Serum, normal, mouse, 10 mL

Serum, normal, mouse, 10 mL

Mouse Serum is a pooled preparation obtained from a normal mouse population. Blood is collected from good quality, normal, healthy mice. The serum, pooled and sterile filtered, shows minimal hemolysis.

Complement serum, guinea pig, 5 mL

Complement serum, guinea pig, 5 mL

Pooled guinea pig serum is filtered through a 0.22 µm filter. Rapidly processed to preserve complement activity.

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