cDNA Synthesis & Go Kit

cDNA Synthesis & Go Kit

Packaging size: 50 U

SKU 11EBI00005
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Product Description

cDNA Synthesis& Go Kit provides a rapid and very sensitive method for first strand cDNA synthesis for use in real-time PCR studies. The 5xspecific Buffer provides highly optimized components for efficient reverse transcription and includes a unique blend of anchored oligo dT and random hexamer primers to ensure unbiased 3’ and 5’ coverage for enhanced data accuracy. An extremely efficient reverse transcriptase delivers highly robust first strand synthesis and higher cDNA yields from a wide range of input RNA concentrations. cDNA Synthesis& Go Kit offers enhanced sensitivity, efficiency and reproducibility for exceptional performance in subsequent real-time PCR experiments.

Usage Statement

Research Use Only.

Key Applications

Gene Expression Analysis, RNA Target Detection, Pathogen Detection, miRNA Profiling, Tissue Biopsy Analysis

SKU 11EBI00005
Base Catalog Number EBI00005
Pack Size 50 U
Usage Statement Research Use Only.