An Ideal Dosimetry Partner

Protect your employees and safeguard compliance with dosimetry packages designed for busy healthcare providers and labs.

With MP Bio as your dosimetry partner, you can conveniently and reliably monitor and report radiation levels to keep your team safe and comply with safety policies.

Contact Dosimetry Customer Service directly at 1.800.381.9221.

Highlights of Package Features

  • No Set-up Charges
  • No Miscellaneous Fees To Maintain Your Account
  • Compliance Reports Delivered Monthly, Bi-monthly, Or Quarterly
  • Year-end Individual And NRC Reports
  • Online Access To Dose Reports On File
  • Flexibility To Add Or Remove Badges Anytime During A Cycle With No Additional Fees

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Create a safe working environment by partnering with MP Bio to efficiently install and maintain a radiation monitoring package and workflow. Our goal is to provide you with peace of mind, to safeguard unborn children, and ensure safe levels of radiation at work. We provide the highest caliber service with competitive and transparent pricing.

Working with us, you can trust your results and can always reach out to our team for information and guidance—we are here to help.

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Access Dose Reports Through MyRadCare

Easily download any dose report on file and view your badge details by logging in to MP Bio’s MyRadCare or registering your account.

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Access Dose Reports Through MyRadCare

High-Quality Badges

Equip your team with reliable dosimetry badges that provide accurate readings of radiation exposure in the workplace. With MP Bio, you can select from a large variety of badges and data reporting schedules to fit your environment and needs.

Device Locations

  • Area Monitor
  • Body
  • Collar
  • Environmental
  • Left/Right Wrist
  • Waist
  • Badge Set (Waist & Collar)
  • Fetal

Dose Calculation

  • Standard
  • Track Etch
  • Webster

Badges are for a one or two year contract with a monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly service interval. Please contact us for pricing on different contract lengths and service intervals.

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Badge Boards for Ideal Storage

Help prevent late, lost or damaged badges by providing a badge board - a secure and convenient place to store employee badges and rings. False readings often occur when badges are accidentally removed from the building or lost, when the tech leaves the room, he or she removes the badge and clips it to the board.

MP Bio offers a variety of badge boards that can hold anywhere from 1 to 40 badges. An adhesive on the back of the board makes it easy to safely stick it to a visible spot on the wall without causing damage.

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Badge Boards for Ideal Storage