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Reveal immunoreactive sites altered by fixation
Obtain superior staining over commonly used enzyme pretreatments
Catalog Number Name Pack Size
08981021 IHC-REVEALER 10 ml
DAB Tablets
Catalog Number Name Pack Size
08980681 3,3-DIAMINOBENZIDINETABLETS 100 tabs.
Coombs' Reagents
Diagnose autoimmune haemolytic anaemia (AIHA) using Anti-globulin (Coombs) test
Liver S9 Homogenate
Rat Liver S9 Homogenate is tested for biological activity by conducting mutagenesis titration curves with at least one of the following three tests: benzo(a) pryrene, 2-anthramine, and 2-acetylaminofluorene.
Catalog Number Name Pack Size
0850411 LIVER S9 HOMOGENATE 2 ml
0850411 LIVER S9 HOMOGENATE 2 ml
Protease S. aureus V8 is an excellent tool for proteolytic digestion. The enzyme specifically cleaves peptide bonds on the COOH terminal side of either aspartic or glutamic acids. In the presence of ammonium, the specificity is limited to glutamic sites.
Catalog Number Name Pack Size
08399001 PROTEASE V8 5 mg
Purified Antigens
Ideal for labeling, immunization, optimized antibody production and other applications.
Catalog Number Name Pack Size
08771121 Tubulin 1 mg
0859433 LIPOPROTEIN 10 mg
0855908 lgG 50 mg
0855905 IgA, Secretory 5 mg
0855939 IgG 20 mg
0855944 IgG 50 mg
0855951 IgG 20 mg
Widest range of albumins from many species for various applications:
Blocking agents to prevent non-specific adsorption
Stabilizers/diluents for RIA or EIA and other immunoassay techniques