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MP Biomedicals introduces a new line of Recombinant Cytokines, Growth Factors and Chemokines that play a critical role in intracellular communication. These molecules bind to cell surface receptors and induce intracellular signaling pathways that of importance for cell proliferation, activation, differentiation and migration.
Cytokines are produced by a wide variety of cells, including those of the immune system as a result of an external stimulus. These cytokines facilitate the body's response (local and systemic) to injury, disease and infection. They can also recruit other cells in response to invasion by external agents and are essential for normal cellular activities.
Growth Factors secreted by different cell types are involved in various cellular activities such as cell proliferation, differentiation, morphogenesis, regulating metabolism, wound healing and angiogenesis. Growth factor signaling arising from activation also leads to cellular transformation and tumorigensis.
We offer a total solution for cell stimulation and cellular analysis. Our Recombinant Growth Factors, Cytokines, Chemokines including those manufactured under Animal Products Free conditions including matching set of labeled and unlabeled antibodies offer you the best value for they are:
  • Highest Purity: Minimal interference from contaminating proteins.
  • Biological Activity : Best scientific outcome with the minimal amount.
  • Versatility: Easily adaptable to any type of cell culture media.
  • Animal Free Cytokines and Growth Factors: Recombinant proteins manufactured using animal origin free products.
  • Matching Antibodies: High quality labeled and unlabeled antibodies to detect the cytokines and growth factors.
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