MP New Lab Genesis

How To Get Started:
Click here Click here to find out how MP New Lab Genesis can help your lab get growing. We understand the challenges associated with starting your new lab can be overwhelming, that is why MP New Lab Genesis is ready to stand behind your new lab, not as your supplier but as your partner.
MP New Lab Genesis Member Discounts:
15% Off FastPrep 24 5G or FastPrep-96 Instrument
15% Off SuperFastPrep-2 Hand-held Instrument
30% Off Encapsulated Media
30% Off Taq Polymerase, CORE Kits and Isis Products for 3 months
30% Off Q-BioTaq & SurePRIME Products for 3 months
30% Off Cell Culture Media
30% Off on 7X Detergent Products
30% Off on all Biochemicals for 3 months
Antibodies & Immunoreagents
30% Off on all Immunology Products for 3 months
Cell Biology
30% Off on all Cell Biology Products for 3 months Including Liquid, Powder, and Capsule Media products as well as Vitamins, Supplements, and Test Kits.
30% Off on range of radiochemical requirements
Diets & Nutritionals
30% Offon all Research Diet Products for 3 months
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