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Zymolyase 20T and 100T are used to lyse living yeast cell walls to produce protoplast or spheroplast of various strains of yeast cells. It may also be used for glucan hydrolysis. The primary enzyme in this preparation responsible for lysis of viable yeast cells in ß-1,3-glucan laminaripentaohydrolase. It hydrolyzes glucose polymers at the ß-1,3-glucan linkages releasing laminaripentaose as the principal product.

Zymolyase is an enzyme preparation from a submerged culture of Arthrobacter luteus which effectively lyses cell walls of viable yeast cells. This enzyme is offered in two different concentrations:
  • 20T - This preparation is a lyophilized powder prepared by salting out from the culture fluid with ammonium sulfate and contains 20,000 units enzyme/g.
  • 100T - This preparation is lyophilized enzyme partially purified by affinity chromatography and contains 100,000 units enzyme/g.
Catalog Number Name Pack Size
08320931 ZYMOLYASE 100T 500 mg
08320932 ZYMOLYASE 100T 250 mg
08320921 ZYMOLYASE 20T 1 g