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Cell Culture

Mammalian Cell Culture Media & Reagents from MP Biomedicals

Successful growth of valuable cells requires high quality and dependable reagents. MP Biomedicals offers a complete range of products designed to support optimal cell growth ensuring reproducible and consistent results.


Chemically defined powdered and liquid media are manufactured with minimal risk of contamination in an environmentally-controlled facility.  Chemicals used in the production meet the highest quality and purity standards. 


Additionally all media are manufactured and tested in accordance with current GMP guidelines. The result is high cell yield and a homogeneous cell population in research and manufacturing applications.


Moreover MP Biomedicals has introduced the CellMaxx™ Bovine Serum Proteins formulated exclusively for Stem Cell Culture Applications. CellMaxx proteins are produced from the highest Biosafety raw material collected and processed in New Zealand.  The chromatographic- non-denaturing purification process ensures high purity native proteins with all the properties needed to support high performance stem cell culture.


MP Biomedicals offers a complete range of reagents for cell culture laboratories:


Mycoplasma Removal Agent (MRA)

Mycoplasma contamination can cause serious problems with cell cultures. In many cases, this type of contamination doesn't even have any signs, but can cause disastrous effects. It can waste your time and materials and sometimes even lead to false experimental results and conclusions.

Mycoplasma Removal Agent (MRA) from MP Biomedicals can effectively eliminate mycoplasma infection by inhibiting mycoplasma DNA gyrase. MRA is your best solution for contaminated cell cultures.


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093050044 MYCOPLASMA REMOVAL AGENT 5 ml - $294.95 - In Stock