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MP Biomedicals provides a complete solution for safe cell culture and reliable results!

Working with mammalian cell lines requires mycoplasma-free conditions, but oftentimes cell cultures get contaminated from multiple sources which can become a nuisance. The presence of mycoplasma can literally alter many cellular processes and cause malfunctions of cells in proliferation, protein synthesis, DNA transfection etc. Early detection and fast elimination can ensure the reliability, reproducibility, and consistency of your cell culture research.

The most convenient and effective option for eliminating mycoplasma infection in cell cultures is to add mycoplasma removal agent (MRA) to remove and prevent many types of mycoplasmas with reliable results. MRA ensures high elimination efficiency and optimal cell viability at the lowest dose for the shortest treatment time (Fig. 1). Only 0.5 µg/mL for one week can keep cell culture mycoplasma free (Fig. 2), as referenced in 550+ leading publications


Fig 1. Mycoplasma removal efficiency comparison among competitors in concentration and average treatment time.


Fig 2. Illustration of mycoplasma removal in cell culture before and after MRA treatment for one week.

Mycoplasma Removal Agent ensures:

  • Fastest (1 week) with lowest dosage (0.5µg/ml) for total mycoplasma elimination
  • Elimination of multiple mycoplasma species
  • Prevention of recontamination
  • Sterility and optimal cell viability
  • Compatible with mammalian cell lines
  • Extensive citations in publications (over 550)


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Mycoplasma Stain Kit:

  • Hoechst 33258 staining, Tissue Culture Association procedure # 75361 for reliability
  • Detection of mycoplasma and bacteria, yeast, fungi for versatility
  • Test performed in less than 2 hours for efficiency and speed
  • Stain, diluent and mounting medium included in the kit for a complete solution


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