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Effective and reproducible transfection with low toxicity

NanoPorter™ consists of two components: a positively charged polymer with high DNA-binding capacity which is embedded into a new porous nanoparticle.

The nanoparticles are able to compact the DNA and offers a uniform size carrier which is adapted to the endocytosis mechanisms of the cells increasing the uptake efficiency.

This unique capacity together with the property of the nanoparticles to protect DNA from nucleases ensures outstanding performance.

SmallPorter™ siRNA is a new nanotechnology reagent for efficient transfection of adherent or suspension cells.

It consists of a unique mixture of nanoparticles optimized for efficient transfection of siRNA into eukaryotic cells. Transfection of cells with SmallPorter™-siRNA complex typically results in greater than 85% knockdown of target gene expression. The unique structure of nanoparticles together with small, positively charged carrier molecules guarantees high binding capacities and protection of siRNA during the transfection process.

Nanoparticles offer an interesting alternative to liposomal based transfection methods.

Features & Benefits
Stable for 12 months
Ready to use kit containing PAA's Diluent
Easy to use
Animal-origin free Reagent
Transfection in the presence or absence of serum

Products included in this offer:

SKU Product Name Size Promo List Price Sale Price Availability Quantity
113304050 NANOPORTER™ 500 μL - $378.40 - Discontinued-Inquire
113304100 NANOPORTER™ 1 mL - $737.30 - Inquire
113305020 SmallPorter™ 200 μL - $160.45 - Discontinued-Inquire
113305100 SmallPorter SiRNA Transfection Kit 1 mL - $737.10 - Discontinued-Inquire