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Nov 03, 2018

San Diego, CA, USA

High-quality, Bovine Serum Proteins From New Zealand

MP Biomedicals is pleased to announce the acquisition of ICPbio International LTD., an Auckland, New Zealand based protein biologics manufacturing company.

MP Biomedicals is proud to continue offering the same high quality bovine proteins from New Zealand, previously sold by ICPbio International.  We now offer four unique and specially formulated grades of bovine albumin products for your Cell Culture and Immunoassay needs:

MP Biomedicals also offers these additional bovine proteins from our New Zealand facility:

  • IgG
  • Transferrin, HOLO and APO                                                                       
  • Thrombin, low and high specific activities



All products are manufactured in our ISO9001:2008, cGMP certified facility in New Zealand with complete traceability and excellent lot-to-lot consistency. Products can also be custom manufactured to meet your individual needs.  



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